This cuvée is the result of a rigorous selection in the vineyard. Its superb clay-limestone terroir and the special care given to the ripening of the grapes sublimate the Sauvignon grape variety and make it a traditional cuvée combining aromatic intensity, freshness and elegance.
The vineyards are located north of Poitiers, in the plain of Neuville.
The vines are situated on a terroir dating back to the Jurassic period. The relief is not very marked but the plots are located on small hills where the soil is composed of limestone called "Groies or Casse".
Direct pressing. After settling at low temperature, the clear juice ferments for 12 to 14 days at 18°C maximum, in order to preserve the aromas. The wine is then racked and kept on fine lees until preparation for bottling.
Sauvignon : 100%


Serve chilled (8-10°C).
Visual appearance
Pale gold colour.
At nose
Great aromatic freshness on blackcurrant, grapefruit and boxwood.
On the palate
The palate oscillates between freshness, sweetness, crunchy and tart; nice length on citrus fruits and a spicy touch.
Food pairings
It will accompany seafood (mouclade), fish terrines, fish (sole, eel with sorrel), goat and tomato pies, goat's cheese (chabichou, bûche du Poitou), pineapple or grapefruit roasted with spices.