Sauvignon Blanc Les Maselles


This cuvée is a subtle combination of an expressive, deliciously fruity grape variety with juicy and crunchy fruit.
The combination an outstanding clay-limestone terroir, and winemaking methods adapted to Sauvignon’s sublime potential.
Selected areas with intense fruit aromatic grape potential. Direct pressing. Strong racking of the must (50 NTU) at low temperature to living the expression of citrus taste. The light must is fermented at 18-20°C during the first third of the process and then stabilized at 13-14°C.
Sauvignon blanc


Best served chilled (10 to 12°)
Ageing potential
2 to 3 years
Visual appearance
Pale green yellow colour.
At nose
This vibrant Sauvignon blanc offers an astonishing combination of freshness and roundness, with expressive aromas of grapefruit, white peach and blackcurrant leaf.
On the palate
This wine has an exciting palate with crunchy, juicy flavours and long crisp acidity on the finish.
Food pairings
Best served as an aperitif, it is also an ideal partner for seafood salads, scallops, grilled fish or famous Loire valley goat’s cheese (Saint Maure de Touraine).