Vouvray Sec Tendre Les Lys

It is in Vouvray that we have discovered the first vines in the Loire Valley planted by monks in Year 400. Honore de Balzac, well-know writer, was born in Tours in 1799 and he is the author of many chapters about wine “Wine has nourished my body while coffee kept my mind”, was deeply in love with the wines of Vouvray.


The Chenin blanc vines, also known as Pineau de Loire, enjoy wonderful exposure to the sun on the plateau overlooking the Loire River.
The Vouvray vineyards cover 2,000 hectares of clay-limestone terroir to the east of Tours.
The grapes are picked at a high degree of ripeness so as to retain some residual sugar after fermentation (depending on the vintage).
Picking at optimal ripeness. Pressing, light racking, slow fermentation at low temperature (18°C) in stainless steel vats.
Aged on fine lees for 6 months and bottled in the spring season.
Chenin blanc : 100%


Serve chilled (10-12°C).
Visual appearance
Golden colour.
At nose
Delicate fruit (peach, pear) and floral (acacia) aromas.
On the palate
Round and rich on the palate. Long aftertaste with a slight acidity which gives softness and freshness.
Food pairings
This dry wine goes perfectly with fish, white meats or goat cheese (St Maure de Toraine).