Refined blended wines signed by our cellar masters, expressing their personalities, sensitivities and creativities.


"Originally from Burgundy, I was born in 1971 in Auxerre. My passion for wine was born at the age of 16, while travelling the Chablis wine route. A few years later, with a degree in oenology from the University of Dijon in my pocket, I went abroad (Oregon, South Africa, Argentina, Chile) for two years to discover the diversity of grape varieties and wine-making techniques. Back in France, I settled in the Anjou-Saumur region, which attracted me for its viticultural potential, and I will never leave it. Today, I work at the Cave de Saumur, since 2002, and I seek to create fruity and delicate wines, attractive to all, but which will reveal, through their complexity, a multitude of sensations on the nose and in the mouth. "

Eric LAURENT, cellar master at the Cave de Saumur
In the vineyard
Heating of the harvest on a small part of the grapes bringing aromatic intensity and sweetness.
Harvesting of grapes selected for their fresh fruit and ripe fruit aromatic profiles.
Separate vinification adapted to each profile to exacerbate the organoleptic qualities of the grapes: cold pre-fermentation maceration and limited extraction for the fresh fruit profile bringing aromatic intensity.
Subtle blending of the vintages highlighting a beautiful aromatic complexity.
Long maceration and ageing with micro-oxygenation on the ripe fruit profile bringing sustained colour, fatness, melted tannins and toasted notes.
Cabernet franc : 100%


Enjoy this wine slightly chilled (12 to 14°C).
Visual appearance
Beautiful purple colour with dark purple tints.
At nose
A brilliant nose offering, through finesse and complexity, a very beautiful fruity aromatic palette ranging from blackcurrant to blackberry accompanied by a pinch of white pepper.
On the palate
Ample and generous on the palate, with a joyful structure resting on velvety tannins. The finish confirms the general fruity impression, with some liquorice accents.
Food pairings
Enjoy this wine with grilled meats (tournedos with pepper, flank steak with shallots, entrecote), roasted meats (guinea fowl with red fruits, rack of lamb with rosemary, filet mignon) and with soft cheeses (Brie, Morbier, St Nectaire)
Recipe tip: guinea fowl with red fruits.