Rediscover the rare and forgotten grape varieties of the Loire Valley, which passion for the land and know-how are bringing back to life.
Off the beaten track, a few winegrowers are defending their "Treasures of yesteryear", and preserving biodiversity by conserving plots of land planted with rare grape varieties.


Malvoisie is a forgotten grape variety that has been revived by passion for the land and know-how.
It is the local name of the famous Pinot gris, well known in Alsace. Malvoisie is mainly grown on the steep slopes overlooking the Loire in the Ancenis region. The micaschist soil and the particular microclimate created by the Loire (morning fogs) allow a superb maturation of the grapes. Malvoisie is historically vinified as demi-sec or moelleux.
The vineyards are located in the Ancenis region, between Nantes and Angers.
Steep slopes overlooking the Loire. Soil composed of micaschists.
Harvesting of ripe grapes with ripe fruit aromas.Pellicular maceration to enhance these aromas. Fermentation at a controlled temperature (18°C) to preserve the aromatic potential of the grapes. Cold settling to obtain a semi-dry wine.
Aged on fine lees before bottling.
Malvoisie : 100%


Serve chilled between 10-12°C.
Visual appearance
Golden yellow colour.
At nose
Exuberant nose with notes of yellow grapefruit and juicy pear accompanied by a hint of honey and minerality.
On the palate
The palate is round and ample, and carried by a persistent sweetness of muscat.
Food pairings
It is a particularly pleasant wine in the mouth and very easy to match. It goes very well with aperitifs (toasts of semi-cooked foie gras), terrines, creamy white meats, blue-veined cheeses and fine tarts (pear and almond).