Rediscover the rare and forgotten grape varieties of the Loire Valley, which passion for the land and know-how are bringing back to life.
Off the beaten track, a few winegrowers are defending their "Treasures of yesteryear", and preserving biodiversity by conserving plots planted with rare grape varieties.
They produce authentic and original wines, with a sense of sharing and conviviality.


Côt is a forgotten grape variety that has been revived by passion for the land and know-how. It originated in Cahors, famous under the name of Malbec, and was transplanted to the Loire Valley during the Renaissance.
Traditional vinification exacerbating the organoleptic qualities of the grape and a beautiful structure with finesse, characteristic of this variety: cold pre-fermentation maceration bringing aromatic intensity and fruitiness, then maceration for about ten days during fermentation bringing deep colour, structure and soft tannins.
Matured gently for 10 months before bottling.
Côt : 100%


Serve slightly chilled at 12-14°C.
Visual appearance
Bright ruby colour.
At nose
The nose seduces with its shimmering notes of black cherries, jammy blackcurrant, fresh mint and black pepper.
On the palate
The palate is both round and structured, with fine and elegant tannins. Nice aromatic persistence on the freshness and on notes of acidulous red fruits (redcurrant).
Food pairings
This wine can be shared with simple and traditional recipes such as cold meats (rillettes, rillauds), white meats, lamb tajines, vegetables from the garden and mature goat cheese.